Sunday, March 8, 2009

Mission Statement:

The mission statement of The Motley Rut is, so to speak, encased in the concept that we face periodic stagnancy, or ruts, in various aspects our life that we inevitably have to deal with. 
Our goal is to highlight and develop the simple and sometimes complex solutions that will allow you to conquer your rut and delve into the "next step".
Areas of concentration are to include priority management, debt elimination, the job search, increasing happiness, increasing wealth, beating stagnancy (at the work place/home), health and fitness, self sustenance and improving relationships.
This concentration may at first appear broad and without meaningful focus, but I assure you that they are all intrinsically connected.
Our aim is to eliminate the "cycle of ruts" that we encounter through practical and detailed measures.


  1. The Motley Rut ... what a concept. It is a fantastic metaphor. I assure you that "20 somethings" are not alone in the Motley Rut. I have to say that your blog title aptly fits your topic. The title combined with your mission statement conjure up a few interesting thoughts.

    Ruts are what you find yourself when you venture off the beaten path. If someone never finds themself in a rut, then I would say they are living a pretty pathetic life. Being in a rut implies that somewhere along the way you made a choice to do some independent thinking; and living. Celebrate that! Done celebrating? Then think about ruts a little longer. Typically, a rut has two exit paths - back out or rise above and move on. If anyone have been stuck in thier car in 2 feet of snow, they know that. And in life, I believe the same applies. The choice to back out or rise above makes all the difference.

  2. Thanks for the post, I appreciate the thought bro!
    I guess, my hope is that at some point we break free from the ruts and leave only well developed tracks. Tracks that maybe others can follow